Viva Varun: In Madeira!

Answer to “Where am I?” : I am on the volcanic island of Madeira.

I am an oenophile in every sense of the word. I love learning about the process of producing wine, I visit wineries all over the world, I adore wine tastings and of course I love drinking it, sometimes, admittedly, in excess.

Slowly but surely, I am getting to grips with the taste differences between Syrah & Shiraz and Cabernets & Chardonnay.



1. Ulla Hebgen: A Decisive Moment of and Discovery of the Leica M9

As a pro, I know that commercial photography demands creativity in the face of impossible deadlines, but ironically we hardly ever have time to express our own personal ideas. Once you enter the wonderful world of advertising your role is circumscribed by the strict demands of the client and the job at hand. This intensity and focus is the very reason we feel an enormous urge to refresh ourselves, to rediscover and experience life. What we are seeking is something authentic […] (Click here to the blog ).

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Andrew Parsons is an award-winning photojournalist who is best known for his political work. He has been documenting the British Prime Minister since 2005, from David Cameron’s bid to become leader of the Conservative Party through to victory in the bitterly contested General Election of 2010, including exclusive access behind the scenes to document the historic coalition talks.


Radhika Gupta is the Creative Director at MoonRiver, an e-commerce store for bespoke artwork, home accessories, jewelry and textiles from around the world. Having received a law degree from King’s College in London, and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University, Radhika combines her love for travel and design with her work, showcasing the world through interesting objects. Radhika was a practicing corporate attorney when her jewelry-making hobby flourished into a career of its own through MoonRiver. Its latest extensions can be found on Facebook and Twitter … and Radhika’s newest obsession: Pinterest. With an eye for design, we sent Radhika out in New York City with the D-Lux 5 to show us her favorite shops as part of our #place2be series.

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“Winding. Clicking. Winding. Clicking, and so on. That’s what I have been doing the last couple of days. Sitting with the camera between my hands and listening to the sound of the shutter.”

– Paal Audestad

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Repair of a Legend

Last month we announced the 2011 winners of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award: Jan Grarup received the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2011 for his “Haiti Aftermath” series and Jing Huang won the Newcomer Award 2011 for his photo set titled “Pure of Sight.”

Haiti Aftermath, Jan Grarup

This video displaying the work of the award winners and finalists is being screened at Rencontres d’Arles, the Arles Photo Festival, but you are getting an exclusive viewing of the film here on the Leica Camera Blog.


Following a customized itinerary created by a Lonely Planet author this hands on workshop will provide a photographic tour of one of the most beautiful cities in North America. You will see and photograph a mix of iconic locations and hidden neighborhood spots. Stops will be made along the way to enjoy local cuisine, interact with locals and capture the unique elements that make up the culture of this city.

Lead by a Leica Akademie instructor this hands on workshop will provide an introduction to Travel photography. Going beyond the typical classroom workshop, Leica and Lonely Planet take you on location to learn, practice and improve your photography in real world travel situations.

Discover the city in a new way, while exploring, architecture, landscape, food, street and people photography.

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On Thursday, July 28 Christian Maurer, Team SUI1, landed in Monaco having completed the Red Bull X-Alps race in just under 11 days, 4 hours and 22 minutes. Despite having infringed on a forbidden zone and thus being served a 24-hour penalty, Maurer still managed to finish the race far ahead of the other competitors. Since the rules state that the race ends 48-hours after the winner reaches the finish line, it would all come to a close at 16:22 on Saturday, July 30.

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100.000 Leica Fans on Facebook

The number of Leica fans on Facebook has exceeded the 100,000 mark. That must be worth a present, especially when Easter is coming. So if you become a fan on Facebook beforeFriday the 22th of April, or if you are already a fan, the movie-platform Mubi will provide you with a film which can be watched online. All you have to do is to go to the Leica-Fansite on facebook and follow the instructions. Mubi has a huge selection of mainly independent and classic movies. Therefore until Friday you will have the chance to receive you present.


Leica Camera is the new official partner of the MYOO team, a group of passionate adventurers and curious storytellers. After crossing the Pacific in the one-of-a-kind catamaran, the Plastiki, MYOO founder David de Rothschild is now realizing a new project: ARTiculate: 3ºS/52ºW.

After visiting Ecuador, the second adventure in the ARTiculate series will launch on November 7th and will see the team undertake an expedition to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the Belo Monte dam – planned as the world’s third largest dam. The MYOO team will work alongside Amazon Watch to raise awareness of this pressing issue and trying to find a solution for the government and indigenous tribes people alike that won’t further compromise the incredible natural lifecycle that is the Amazon rainforest.

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